Adam Houlahan is an International Keynote Speaker specialising in LinkedIn strategies for entrepreneurs, and CEO of the highly successful boutique agency, Web Traffic That Works.

He lives in Australia’s iconic tourist destination the Gold Coast Queensland and is considered to be one of Australia’s leading experts in harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business. People globally have sought his skill and insights to leverage the power of LinkedIn for their business.



Heather is a renowned and much sought after international speaker who has travelled around the world sharing her message and frameworks with audiences on four of the seven continents.

Despite the hustle and bustle of daily life, Heather believes that all anybody really wants is to love and be loved, and to be known, loved and “got” for who they truly are.   This is fundamentally what drives all aspects of her work and company.


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We are extremely excited to announce that the 2020 Global Business Camps will be held at the Hilton, Surfers Paradise from the 23rd to the 25th of March. An amazing hotel with awesome views in truly a magical location. We have negotiated special rates with the Hilton for all of our guests.

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. Come along and work on your business with brilliant speakers and forward thinking business people. This is not only a great way to learn it is also a great way to network.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to focus on your business for 3 days.


Do not miss out – book now and pay off the event over the next 9 months. Speak to your forward thinking accountant or register online now.


To be held on the Gold Coast (Venue TBA)

With less than 11 months to go, be sure to book your seat now to take advantage of the Early Bird Rates.



David Smith is a chartered accountant with a technology bent. He is a board member, mentor and coach to many small and medium businesses.

He is a regular speaking on topics relating to the future of the accounting profession, business strategy, process improvement, innovation and the impact of technology on business.



Mark has developed specialised skills in the area of adult education and training with extensive experience in both private and public sector industries in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and North America.

Mark sits on the Board and is Honorary Treasurer of Ronald McDonald House at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead and the Gold Coast Academy of Sport.





Paul is a 4-time TEDx speaker. He is a Senior Fellow in one of the World’s Leading Think Tanks and consults to and mentors leading-edge businesses around the world.

His training programs are used by an estimated 226,000 companies around the world and he continues to push the boundaries. He recently featured in Forbes Magazine alongside Sir Richard Branson in a global piece on ‘disrupters’ in business.



John Tsoulos is the lead Presenter for Global Business Camps. Having worked closely with businesses from different parts of the world, he has vast experience in applying business development programs producing excellent results.

John has presented at conferences, business building events, business camps and team building camps in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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Something close to our heart is being able to give back to people that are less fortunate than us. We are in a lucky country and we are either in business as business owners or working in business for someone else. So we are fortunate as we have a continuous flow of income which allows us to do the things we want to do. We, as part of our four core values, have joined the amazing B1G1 movement which allows us to do good. For every attendee of the camp, we will be giving an amount to carefully selected projects via B1G1. All B1G1 projects are in line with sustainable development goals set by global leaders.

Join us and be part of this amazing giving opportunity whilst helping your business, your team and yourself grow and develop.

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We are proud to announce that we have secured sought after business and marketing speaker David Caruso for the upcoming Global Business Camp.  David will be holding the following workshop:


During the session you will learn….





PLUS David will unveil:


David Caruso has been a successful SME Business owner for over 29 years.

From a sole operator based in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, David successfully grew his small business into a thriving multi million dollar a year success story.

This business was the recipient of many local and international awards including:-


David’s extensive background in the business world provides his clients with an unique advantage. His practical business growth strategies have been applied across a wide range of industries and organisations.

Audiences love David’s interactive approach, fun style and action orientated focus that allow participants to leave with ideas and action steps that they can implement to produce immediate results.

David is a sought after speaker on the various topics of business strategies and marketing.

David’s knowledge also spans into the world of online marketing where he shares cutting edge business approaches.

This was evident recently when he was awarded an 14 month tender from the Australian Government to conduct an extensive series of Online Marketing seminars for Small to Medium Enterprise Business owners as part of the NBN Rollout.

He is funny, irreverent and educational and and puts business principles into a vocabulary that everyday SME Business Owners readily understand.


David has recently completed his commitments as a paid advisor to the NSW Government.

He sat on the Board of The Small Business Development Corporation of NSW, a body that advised the NSW Government on Small Business issues, policies and initiatives.

He has recently retired from the Board of Directors for Business Swap Australia, a professional and personal development organisation dedicated to SME Business Owners.


David is always looking to share his knowledge and help existing small to medium enterprises succeed in a current and fast evolving world.

He has written countless business advice articles that have featured in local and international magazines.

David authored the book Cheese Pizza, a compelling story about a business owners journey for answers to tough business times of and personal relationships breakdowns.


This is a session you don’t want to miss!

I talk a lot about ways and ideas on improving both your business strategies and your business mindset.  This year, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience in the form of our key note speakers and so I thought I’d share some of their recent articles for a fresh perspective on business.

Enjoy, John Tsoulos

What holds us back from having better work conversations?

Intellectually leaders “get it” – have better work conversations and business performance improves. The reality is that attitudes, emotions, time, ego, job titles, perceived risks, fear of failure, comfort with status quo all get in the way and hold these same leaders back from translating intellect and knowledge into actual and real behaviours.

Read this article from key note speaker Mandy Holloway via her Courageous Leaders blog


The crooks are getting smarter

With every technology change, the criminal element comes running in working out ways to exploit it. The cloud then is such a wonderful opportunity for the crooks. Without leaving their lair they are presented to the door of almost every piece of data on the planet. All they need are the keys to open the door.

Read this article from key note speaker David Smith via his blog on the Smithink website.


You will never plough a field by turning it over in your mind

This article is not particularly recent, but as it comes from one of our key note speakers, Andrew Geddes, taking the wisdom from another Key Note Speaker, Glen Richards, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share it!

Read Andrew’s blog on the success of Greencross and Glen Richard’s ‘5 ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. 



Don’t miss the opportunity to hear more from these business leaders at this years GBC 30 July – 1 August.

Are you confident that you know how robust your business is? Do you know all its pain points, what all its wheezes and coughs mean?

This quiz, created by business experts from the Jelf Group (UK), will help you identify how au fait you really are with your company’s health.  It will take you about 60 seconds so no excuses!

Q1:  If your business were suddenly faced with a $5,000 bill, how would you pay it?

Did you know that up to half of businesses would have to look outside their business to cover the bill.

Q2:  How many of your employees are essential to your business’s survival and success?

Relying on one key staff member can be dangerous.  Have you considered your contingencies?  Do you record processes and standard operating procedures?  Would you be able to pick up where a key team member left off if they’re unable to work?

Q3:  When did you last carry out risk analysis and health and safety checks?

Think of this as a business health check where prevention is better than cure.  By not completing these checks you are putting your company and your employee’s at risk.  This could be hugely disruptive and expensive.  Aim to do them once a year as a standard and every time your business activities notably change.

How Did You Go?

If you haven’t answered C for each question, it sounds like you could benefit from taking some time out to spend working ON your business not IN it.

Find out more about the benefits you would reap from attending the next Global Business Camp in July/August 2018.

Why should you consider Global Business Camps?

I know this is a tough topic. Most people do not like to work ON their business, let alone to invest money and go away to do it. But it is vitally important that you do.

We are all working harder than ever.  There is more competition than ever.  Do you ever feel like you can’t work much harder, but you’re not gaining ground on your competitors and not seeing the impact on your bottom line?

It’s time to stop!  I have a fantastic opportunity which will only take 3 days of your life, but could change your path to business success if you take it.

Global Business Camps will be hosting a 3 day Business Camp which will have you working ON your business and not in it. Not only will you get to work ON your business you also:

Global Business Camps have been running these 3 day camps for 16 years and have worked with over 1000 businesses to help them achieve business success.

So confident are we in this product, the content and the execution that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  There is absolutely no risk to you!

Not quite convinced?  Here are just a few success stories from previous attendees:

Here are what a couple of previous attendees’ have had to say:

“I’m the director of Outback Whips and Leather in Broken Hill.  This is our second business camp and even as a small business out in the centre of Australia, we just got so much out of it the first year.  It was a bit overwhelming, so we’ve come back this year more focussed and it’s just absolutely brilliant.”

Ron Hill, Outback Whips & Leather

“I was encouraged to attend by my accountant and what I’ve found so far has opened my eyes to all the things we are not doing.  We’ve neglected the core values of our business.  It’s just a great experience so far and I”m looking forward to the remainder of the conference – and will definitely be back next year.”

Andrew Gideon,

Mark out your calendar as busy from the 30th July to the 1st August 2018 and book yourself and your key team members in at the magnificent QT Gold Coast.

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Veterinary surgeon, motivator, extreme endurance athlete, one of the world’s most accomplished adventurers and expedition leaders – that’s Geoff in a nutshell. His passion for life, adventure and desire to do business with purpose is infectious.

Born in Kenya in 1970, Geoff’s wild journey includes his family’s near death escape as a young boy, standing strong to charging elephants at the tender age of 12, having a machine gun held to his head in Egypt at 18 while crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle to sailing the world’s seas and successfully fleeing pirates (twice).

With notable world records ranging from the longest land journey by kite of the Sahara, to kiteboarding from Australia to Papua New Guinea, to the fastest solo unsupported crossing of Antarctica in history – he draws on incredible experiences to create insights for us in our business and personal lives that can once again create clarity and purpose where previously we felt stuck.

Everything Geoff does is driven by purpose. His signature expeditions always align to a charity and he ensures that his businesses contribute an enormous amount to the local community. Geoff’s experiences in the wild places combined with his passion for business with purpose and philanthropy make him a living endorsement of his personal motto ‘all in or not at all’.

Intensely aware of the urbanization effect in today’s society as people become more detached from their ‘wild roots’, unsatisfied with their mundane routine, Geoff’s goal in life is to inspire men and women worldwide to make life a purposeful and adventure-filled journey every day – whether it be in the office, on the production line or in the wilderness.

Geoff is locked in to talk about all of these experiences and more at the upcoming Global Business Camp from 3rd to the 5th of April.

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SME owners are working up to 80 hour weeks, are losing sleep about cash flow and almost one in four are predicting revenue to decline, according to results of the Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index released recently. Since September 2014, a  six monthly poll of 1200 small to medium enterprise leaders across all states and key industries has revealed the following:

It highlights that SME confidence has taken a hit despite the resilience of the sector, which according to ABS statistics employs almost half of the 10.7 million Australians in the workforce.

“For the first time since the Index began, SMEs forecasting positive growth (48.4 percent) are outnumbered by SMEs forecasting negative growth or no change (51.6 percent).

 The top three concerns were cash flow (72.5 percent), not having enough time to get things done (55.2 percent) and customer or supplier issues (39 percent). 17.3 percent were worried about disruption of their business model, and 13.3 percent cited staff issues. “SMEs nominated cash flow as the most stressful element of business. They cited credit conditions as a key barrier to growth,” Langham said. “With the Index highlighting that cash flow keeps 72.5 percent of respondents awake at night, it’s crucial for these leaders to find the right funding to support their business.

 SME owners putting in long hours – A 50+ hour week is standard for most SMEs (88.8 percent). Almost half of SME owners and senior managers (43.7 percent) are spending 60 to 80 hours a week working on their business, which equates to 12+ hour days, six days a week.

 Almost half of SMEs (44.6 percent) believe mobile and digital technology has had a negative impact on their work/life balance. Only 15.7 percent of small businesses believe it has led to better work hours or flexible working conditions.

We can help you put strategies in place to minimise and avoid the above issues. We must be proactively thinking and working at how we can improve our businesses. If any of the above rings true for you, please contact us so we can discuss how we can help.

You lie awake at night, wondering what you need to do to get ahead in business…..Each day you are run off your feet and don’t have time to eat, let alone stop and think about the longer term goals.

Well imagine if you had 3 days to do just that.  You could come up with a game changer – something that puts you above your competitors in the eyes of your customers.

Take KLM, a private Dutch airline that is viewed enviably by all the big world airlines – they are second to none when it comes to customer service and customer engagement.  They create a lot of hype on a shoe string budget (comparatively) and ensure their customers always come first.

For example, customers leaving items on the plane has always been an issue.  Usually, if someone locates the item in time it might be sent to an office somewhere where it will be logged and held onto incase the owner happens to come looking for it.  KLM turned this idea on it’s head to ensure a better than average customer experience:

They have a mindset that it’s the little things you do that make a difference to their customer experience, and more than likely the customer will choose to travel with them again as the experience was memorable.

What we all need to understand is that working harder and faster might keep you ahead of the game in the short term, but if we don’t stop and think about the opportunities to surprise and delight our customers, exceed their expectations and become memorable, what is going to keep them coming back?  Are we going to have to keep working harder to attract more and more customers, rather than working hard at creating Brand Ambassadors and allowing our customers to do the work for us?

Take the time to check out KLM on YouTube and enjoy some of the other customer experiences they have delivered in their quest to be the best.

Also take the time to step away from your business – you might be missing big opportunities just because you haven’t had the time or know how to sit down and plan.  Global Business Camps is running a 3 day camp in July/Aug which will walk you through the 6 Secrets to Success and allow you the time to stop and think.  This might just leave you with a game changer.

Learn more about the camp here

From a desk in the corner of the bedroom to a $13 million dollar business – following the principles learnt at GBC has paid off for these hard working business owners.

Do you find yourself working long hours without seeing the results you would like?

You feel like you are doing the best you can, working as hard as you can and yet you are constantly frustrated by a lack of progress?

When I first started in business, I thought that I just needed to work hard and I would see the results in terms of business success.  It wasn’t until I had a real a-ha moment that I realised I needed to do something different in order to see a different result.  Working harder wasn’t necessarily the answer.

This too, happened with Tricia Velthuizen and Randall Smith from Train To Succeed (now operating as Churchill Education).  Churchill Education specialises in delivering quality training qualifications across the spectrum, from Youth Work to Accounting, and everything in between.

From starting the business in 2006, Tricia and Randall had spent money on all sorts of programs designed to help them do business faster, better, stronger. But they believe nothing ever helped them feel that they were in control of the business until 2009, when they decided to invest in a different sort of program: a 3 day experience, the Global Business Camp.

Tricia and Randall arrived at their first Business Camp knowing they needed to do something – either scale the business back or ramp it up.  They knew that what they couldn’t do is stay still and survive.

“In the first hour of the camp, the dust was flying! In one short, sharp dose, we were reflecting on why we were in business and what we were doing with our business. We knew in that first session on Day One that we would not be scaling back and we would not be standing still – but we would be making changes! And we knew that these three days with Global Business Camps were likely to be one of the best investments we had ever made.”

As the camp unfolded, they rang their team every day, each call with a new insight and a call to join them on the journey.  Job titles were dismissed in preference to everyone being in the customer service division,  the understanding of pricing in the market was under review, a 2 day planning summit was scheduled, everyone was told to start thinking about their goals and they were also told to clear their diaries for GBC the following year!

For 3 days, they worked on their business, not in their business. For 3 days, they sat side by side with their accountant and talked honestly about their strengths, their weaknesses and planned for the future. For 3 days, they learnt about business ideas and principles that excited them, stretched them and gave them confidence to build their business.

When they left the camp, Randall and Tricia knew that they had one more goal to add to their list: to be the delegates who return to the Global Business Camp the following year to share the impact the camp had on them and their business. They wanted their story, Train to Succeed’s story in 2010 to be a very different one from the one they would have told in 2009.

Moving from the ‘A-ha Moment’ to Implementation

So what happened in their business following that a-ha moment at the GBC?

They held onto the passion and excitement gained at the GBC, tipped their business on its head. They spent two days together making sure that they all had the same end in mind, and mapping out the route to get there. They took their team into their home and sat around the dining room table writing their values, core purpose and vision on giant post-it notes that were plastered around the walls of their home as they worked.

Both Randall and Tricia looked closely at their own roles and began working on the business, more so than in the business. With this new focus, they found it easier to pass the baton onto their team and were suitably impressed with their commitment.

“We’ve taken a fresh look at our team and our commitment to them. We’re getting their feedback on what we’re doing right, what we could do better and how we can work together to help them realise their dreams.

We have made a fresh commitment to serve our customers. We all talk about the jeopardy of perceived indifference and the importance of honouring our corporate values in all that we do. To this end, we’ve moved some people off the bus and rearranged some of the seats.

We’re implementing a plan to better communicate with our clients. They are not a figure that appears in our bank accounts – our clients hold vital information about our business and we want to hear what they have to say. We’re creating an atmosphere in which answering the telephone is not an inconvenience, but a chance to enjoy the ride!”

They now deliver a product that is supported by a solid business foundation. They have locked down their systems and processes, including implementing a new document management system and are aiming to reach a stage where anyone of their team can own a problem and deliver a solution.

They raised their prices in alignment with their increased service. Warren Buffet is right, the price is what you pay, but value is what you get with Train to Succeed. They also began  watching their spending with more care and valued the knowledge that their accountant shared with them on a regular basis.

With the implementation of these changes, the business started to grow and Randall and Tricia employed four new staff and purchased commercial premises to house their team and their business, to better serve their customers.

Now Is The Right Time

You might think that it’s not the right time for you to leave your business or your family, perhaps next time……. But every day that you delay you are impacting on your chances of success.

Attending the GBC came at a cost for Randall and Tricia; not just financially but in juggling their family.  They turned up with 4 young children (including five month old twins) and two sets of grandparents, with Tricia racing off at each break to feed the babies.

“Our investment, though, was equally matched by Global Business Camps’ investment in us. In three days, they delivered messages we needed to hear and gave us strategies to enable us to act on our desire for change. We value the impact Global Business Camps has had and continues to have on our business. We now view Global Business Camps as part of our team committed to our success. We call that outstanding customer service!”

Returning to Build On Their A-ha moment

You might think that Randall and Tricia learnt so much and implemented so much following the first GBC that they left it there and got on with business.  Not so.  They saw the value in expanding their knowledge, seeing it from a perspective with so much more of a foundation to build on.  In 2010, Randall and Tricia took 3 of their team for the opportunity to experience the Global Business Camp for themselves. As a result they then had more people driving forward with the same passion and end goal.  The team was reinvigorated and further changes were implemented as a new level of understanding was achieved.

But 3 days are just 3 days. Randall and Tricia have taken the principles imparted by the Global Business Camp and live them day to day within their business. As a result they have changed everything about how they do business: recruiting & retaining staff, recruiting & retaining customers, raising prices, tracking their figures.

“And we’ve been rewarded! Business is strong and the ride is fun!”

Last financial year saw them grow to a $13 million dollar business with 100 staff – a long way from their start up position in 2006 of a small desk in the corner of their bedroom!

“All of this takes time, and our desired end is not one that will be reached overnight. Our decision to implement the strategies from the Global Business Camp is an ongoing and challenging process. Even so, the journey has become an adventure!”

Randall and Tricia wanted to share the authentic path their business has taken, not just the highlights reel.  They are embarking on a path of changes with government regulations which affects their business substantially, but they are still positive and passionate.

“We have a plan and a vision that excites us and we won’t quit. That was one of the early lessons of GBC.”

This year, they have received 8 national awards, including Tricia being named CEO of the year.  At the time of writing this piece, they are finalists in 2 AHRI awards.

For the last 3 years, Tricia has been a leadership storyteller at business functions and conferences ….. you can hear some of the stories by following the links on her LinkedIn profile.

Randall has tackled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the last year and turned an experience many are crippled by into a victory.  He is currently chasing international opportunities for the business along with offering himself as a mentor for The Foothpath Library and Blue Hope.

“We’re a real story of business in Australia; not all gloss and fairy dust. But you know, that is one of the things we both love most about business – the challenge, the sharing and the opportunity to grow.”

For a lot of business owners, taking the time and the financial hit of attending a 3 day business camp is a tough ask.  But how will you end up with a different result if you keep doing the same thing?  You may just learn enough to take your business from what it is now and turning it into a $13 million success story like Churchill Education.

Thank you to Tricia and Randall for sharing their story with us.  I hope you find it the inspiration you need to take the next step.

John Tsoulos – Global Business Camps


Register now for the next Global Business Camp.  30 July – 1 Aug 2018

You’re never too small to benefit.

I spend a lot of time talking to the delegates at Global Business Camp each year and quite often I’ll hear the same thing – ‘I was nervous about coming, I’m just a small business trying to get by and wasn’t sure if I’d be in over my head at a ‘business camp’!

But without fail, come the end of the Global Business Camp, those small business owners are thrilled with the decision to attend and take away a wealth of knowledge, practical advice and tools to implement and grow their businesses.

This was no different for Ron and Liz Hill, owners of Outback Whips and Leather – a retail store and leathergoods manufacturing business based in Broken Hill.

Ron and Liz opened Outback Whips and Leather in 2002 with no greater intentions than establishing a job for themselves that would put bread and butter on the table.  Needless to say they were not prepared for what lay ahead.

With little start-up capital and minimal financial backing they were behind the eight ball before they had started let alone being in a position to control the greater than 60% growth that they experienced in the first couple of years.

Ron and Liz were in trouble and drowning in their own success. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted the business to be, but they were in over their heads – they didn’t have control of the business, it was controlling them.

Ron and Liz took the first step and found an accountant who cherished their core values and became a strong business advisor who worked side by side with them.  They stayed focussed on their beliefs in being different, focussing on customer service, doing the little things and doing them right. The very things a lot of other businesses were scoffing at, the very things a number of large retail chains were going away from.

About 2010 their accountant suggested they attend Global Business Camp; they argued they could not afford it, but under duress, agreed to register for the next camp.

“Wow, if there is one thing that stands out as a turning point in our business it would have to be that camp that year.”

Ron and Liz knew they had a good business, they knew they had a good team but the Global Business Camp gave them the tools and confidence to build an award winning business and a great team.

So much so, that Ron and Liz have now attended 4 Business Camps and their senior staff have attended at least once each.

“Whilst the camp is tailored to business owners, it gave our staff the confidence to make decisions, to understand the complexities of running a business and take ownership of not only their jobs but the business as a whole.”

Ron and Liz plan on sending their staff to the camp on a regular basis, not just as a great training tool but as a great motivational exercise.

“It is amazing what your staff can do if you give them the right training, the right tools and believe in them. After three Business Camps I realised I was holding my business back.  When I let go and involved my team we really started to grow. My retail store now runs without us.”

In 2016, Ron and Liz opened a second outlet and workshop in a different regional city.   This opportunity arose from them allowing their staff to learn, grow and flourish within the retail store in Broken Hill.  It was running smoothly without them which then allowed them to look beyond Broken Hill and determine what the next step was for growth within the business.

“If you think that these training camps and opportunities are only for big business, for companies with large staff numbers, you are wrong. We are a small retail store and saddlery manufacturer with a total staff, including Liz and I, of 5, operating in the most remote part of N.S.W.”

The proof of their success shows –  Outback Whips and Leather is now one of the most awarded businesses in the western division of N.S.W.  Awarded at the Far West Regional Business Awards in both 2014 and 2015, they currently sit as finalists in 5 categories in 2016 .  Add to this their 2 Retail Tourism Awards and the mantle is starting to fill up!


“John Tsoulos and Global Business Camps inspired us to grow, gave us the tools and training to manage our business and the confidence to believe in ourselves.”

Ron strongly believes that without the knowledge and motivation, gleaned from each Global Business Camp,  they would have probably been out of business by now simply because they didn’t have the tools and guidance to manage and grow their business.

“Whilst businesses close around us regularly and we are told that times are tough our business continues to grow. No matter what size your business; no matter what you sell I encourage you without hesitation to attend Global Business Camp. It will make a difference and may just be the best three days you have ever spent working on your business.”

It is great to hear such a story of success from a Regional business.  Ron and Liz took the leap to remove themselves from their business for a few days, invest the money to grow their knowledge and they have never looked back.

Take the next step – this is the Business Camp that will drive you forward on the path to financial freedom.

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