In 2010 my firm attended our first Global  Business Camp, and so started our journey in becoming not just a tax advisory and compliance firm but also strategic planners and business coaches. This has allowed us to begin re-engineering our firm to be more pro-active and providing total business solutions. It has allowed us to develop interesting new lines of work, enable us to develop further skills and help us retain and obtain further team members.

The camps, over the years, have allowed us to strengthen our relationships with more than 16 like minded clients and 40 people within those organisations. These clients now see us as the primary advisor in so many facets of their businesses.

I have found discussing the benefits of attending the Business Camp in most of my meetings throughout the year, plants the seed for them attending at some point in the future. The Global Business Camp has become an integral part of introducing our clients to strategic planning and implementation. Then on our return it allows us to develop action plans that help achieve our client’s goals and aspirations. We look forward to attending the camp each year.

Jeremy Nicoletto – Partner
Burns Sieber

Fantastic event and one not only to take business clients to but also our team. We take team members every year so they can obtain professional development, network and obtain knowledge. It also works as our firms annual planning event.

Nathan Kentish
Indigo Financial

Thanks John.  Great Camp…..have we got a date and venue for next year yet?

Tony Lumtin
TJL Business Advisors & Accountants

Having attended two of John’s business camps and taking a key member of staff to the second event I can’t recommend highly enough the value added to our business from these three day seminars. John covers every aspect of your business. From marketing through to budgeting and business planning.

In the three years since attending the first camp, our business has grown from strength to strength, outstripping previously held records on a regular basis! Late 2014, we wanted to share John’s enthusiasm and message so we flew John from Adelaide to Sydney to personally deliver his message to all our staff, with a focus on customer service. Every day I now work on my business rather than in my business, something I never thought I’d have time to do. Thanks to John and his team.

Jane Crowley

“Being able to take clients along to a business camp like that really adds value to our relationship with them. It opens their eyes as to what we as proactive accountants want them to achieve for their business. Clients are crying out for this type of help. Thank you for being so passionate about what you do delivering for three days. It makes all of our jobs easier.”

Michelle Sytsma
Sytsma and Associates

“Given me a framework to help increase client’s profits and improve their lifestyle”

Peter Hassos
Hassos & Associates

“The camp just provided us with a low cost entry point for clients to get a taste of the value we can add. We did not need to hard sell to them after the camp, just to run through how we could help.”

Randall Corless

“Our clients had a great time & you have helped us to transform the thinking of 3 more clients so that they have a real chance of taking control of their destiny. That is priceless for us as a professional firm. We feel privileged to have been a part of the GBC process 3 times. Rest assured that we will be pulling out all stops to be there again next year.”

Gary Packer
GPA Accounting

“I have been to 3 Business Camps and they have helped me grow my businesses. We could have gone out of business if it was not for our accountant taking us to Business Camps. Thanks to Peter (our accountant) and to John and the team at Global Business camps for changing our lives. From the bottom of my heart everyone in business should go to the camp”

Michelle Garvey
Refined Interiors

“We went to last year’s camp. We followed it up with a staff retreat. Our profit from the end of the retreat (early May) to the end of the year beat the period leading up to the retreat (July to May). I can’t recommend these camps enough to any business owner.”

Peter Johnson
Access Law Group