Effective leadership traits

Oct 28 2015

Janine Allis became a household name with her appearance on Channel 10’s Shark Tank, here are some of her thoughts on leadership and business management. Ranked one of the nation’s most successful female entrepreneurs and winner of Telstra’s 2004 Business Woman of the Year award, Janine Allis founded Boost Juice Bars in 2000.

“Success and leadership will come if you just focus on the customer and never do things for the short-term”.

“Planning well ahead will help prevent you from burning people along the way and ensure your reputation is upheld, people who want to make their mark should remember it’s a long journey, not a sprint,” she says. “You may make less money along the way but it’ll be sustainable and a bigger bucket at the end if you do it the right way”.

According to Janine, organisation is essential when running a business and she makes sure she starts the week well-prepared. “One of the things that I make sure I do every Sunday is clear up everything for the week because I need to start the week fresh,” she says. “If I don’t, I’m all out of sorts for a while”.

Holding staff accountable is also a must for people looking to have a successful business, Janine says.

“I’m a very big communicator and will make sure that what I require is very clear. My staff do week-in-progress reports so we know where we are, where I can help, where I can clear the freeway for them to achieve what they set out to achieve.”

Janine runs a tight ship and advises other leaders or aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same. “I just want people to do what they say they’re going to deliver,” she says. “You tell me that you’re going to deliver at 3 o’clock, I don’t want it there at 3:01.”

Her goals for the future include continuing to develop innovative ideas, as well as mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

On creating and running a business, Janine says hard work and determination will conquer all and bring great rewards. “Everyday a problem or challenge occurs and you need to have that dedication to make sure the customers are first, second and third”.

Now that is great advice from Janine.

The above are key areas that we focus on with our Global Business camp event (next one is from the 14th to the 16th of March, 2016). We work through:

The business camp is an event not to be missed. It is especially important in the current age.

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