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Why are some companies able to achieve and sustain success through multiple generations of leaders, across decades and even centuries?  We will be focusing on the above points to give you the best chance of being one of those companies.

GBC 2020 Detailed Agenda

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Your Time To Focus

The 2021 Global Business Camp will be held at the Hilton, Gold Coast in March.  The location offers delegates a great balance between focusing on their business and how to make it grow, whilst being in a setting which allowed everyone to relax and recharge.

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Lead Presenter – John Tsoulos

Your lead presenter is John Tsoulos. Having worked closely with businesses from different parts of the world, he has vast experience in applying business development programs producing excellent results. The extra benefit that John has is that he has built a number of businesses over the years. So he has been in the trenches and understands what needs to happen for a business to be successful and be saleable.

John has presented at conferences, business building events, business camps and team building camps in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

In 2001, John developed the 6 Secrets™ to any business, whilst creating the original business camp program. The event was first run in 2002 for 47 people and after 4 events held in South Australia, the events went to the National scale.

With National events occurring since 2006, the content of the program has evolved and developed, bringing in many new strategies, ideas and thought processes, but the core 6 Secrets™ methodology remains. This methodology has been used and mastered by thousands of businesses and the results have been fantastic.

John is focused, dynamic and passionate, and believes in the program format and the 6 Secrets™ to any business. To quote his words:

“Every business must go to the camp. It will completely re-engineer the way people do things and, in turn, give them a better business and lifestyle.”

Key Note Speakers

Every year, there are a range of experienced key note speakers who attend the Business Camp.  Please click here to read about this years key note speakers.

Program Details

The three day program focuses on:

Visit our Resources page to watch a series of workshops on 3 key areas covered at Camp.

What are some of the things you will work on?

You will also have the opportunity to meet and do business with other people who are business people just like you. You will be able to combine the shared experience of the group with your own resources to work on the specific issues your business is faced with.

We guarantee that when you have completed the program, you will not only have the tools to re-engineer your business, but the confidence and vision to implement the changes necessary.

GBC 2020 Detailed Agenda

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