Forward Thinking Advisors

We encourage business owners to attend our business camps with their advisors as it’s such a vital and fantastic way of developing a joint strategy and setting goals in place that you can each strive for.  If you are on the same page, you will both get where you are aiming for so much faster than if you strive to do it on your own.

Become the trusted advisor.

Forward thinking advisors are critical to any business and to any business owner.  The business space is changing at such rapid rate that it is important for anyone in business to be exposed to the changing environment.

A business advisor will walk along side their client on their business journey and assist in many way above and beyond looking at clients P&L and doing their tax come end of year.

Attending the Global Business Camp with some clients will help you cement your relationship with them but also will give you the tools you need to ensure you are being the best Business Advisor possible.

Now is the time to start:

  1. Build or expand your business advisory division
  2. Provide more value added work to your clients
  3. Offer new services to your clients
  4. Lock in your clients and keep them from all of the consultants that are marketing to them at the moment. There are so many of them out there, it is scary
  5. Find more ‘A’ grade clients.
  6. Fully engage your team and reward them in the process
  7. Be different than the average practice down the road
  8. Generate more work for the next year and beyond
  9. Market your Business advisory offering
  10. Look at a structured proven process that works

“The most exciting new development for the profession this century…an event where all you need to do is invite and attend with 5 SME clients.” Mark Holton (Smithink)

Work with your clients at the same table for three days of business improvement and marketing planning. This positions you as their most active advisor as you work on each other’s plans together.

Firms who have done this are raving about the work that has flowed from these clients following the event.

Would you like to have your practice go……

From $500,000 in revenue to $940,000 in revenue over 4 years.

From $400,000 to $1,200,000 in 5 years

From $940,000 to $4,800,000 in 4 years

Stay at the same level in revenue that it currently is at but have more added value work

By helping your clients make more money and have a better business, you can get the above results just like other firms have.

‘This is the only marketing strategy you’ll need this year!’ Ric Payne (Principa’s founder and CEO also founded Results- Accountants- Systems and the Accountants- Boot Camp programs, both of which were instrumental in revolutionizing the accounting profession around the world).

Firms named below are forward thinking and always look for opportunities to add value to their valued clients by offering complete business advisory services.

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