Being able to take time out from your business any time you want..... Go on holiday with the kids or go on holiday without the kids!
Being able to sell your business for what it’s worth
Get double digit (even triple digit) growth in your business - without the growing pains
Have plenty of cash for a rainy day and no troubles covering your BAS
Stepping ahead of your competition and them trying to keep up

If you follow the 6 Secrets™ to managing your business which we cover in depth at the Global Business Camp, you’ll be able to achieve all of this and more.

This program will show you how to get out of the everyday business trap.
How to structure your business so that you work on it rather than in it.

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Our 6 Secrets

- Secret 1 -
Begin with the end in mind
- Secret 2 -
Planning for success
- Secret 3 -
Growing your business
- Secret 4 -
Managing your business
- Secret 5 -
Valuing your business
- Secret 6 -

We plan to go on holidays, we plan how to build our house but we don’t really plan as to where we want our business to be in 5 then 10 years so that we’ve got a set goal to get to.

Be the Advisor You Want to Be

Spend 3 days directly working on business improvement and marketing planning with your clients to help build both your businesses
Receive all the marketing tools you need to encourage client participation
Receive a Business Advisors Toolkit to take away which will guide you through the next steps to growing your Business Advisory division.
Receive ongoing support from the Global Business Camps team
Meet your lead presenter

John Tsoulos

Having worked closely with businesses from different parts of the world, John has vast experience in applying business development programs producing excellent results. John is a business owner himself and has actually built a number of businesses throughout his working career to date.  This means that he knows first hand about the challenges of being a business owner and what a difference it can make to follow the 6 Secrets program.

John has presented at conferences, business building events, business camps and team building camps in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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 In just 3 information packed days you will know how to:

What would you expect to pay for all of this?

We’re so confident you’ll get amazing value over the 3 days and will really propel your business forward that we’ll give you a 100% refund if you don’t think you got any value from the camp. So you’ve got nothing to lose.

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