Are you spending too much time DOING the work rather than
MANAGING and GROWING your business?

Join the 1000’s of other SME’s who have achieved business success.

Global Business Camps have intensive business programs, specifically designed to help small to medium enterprises grow their business and create lifestyle for their owners.

If you are like most business owners (or senior managers), you often lay awake at night posing questions to yourself only to find the answers don’t always come easily. For instance:

  • How can we make our business work better than our competitors?
  • How can I make my team more productive?
  • How can I offer better service than anyone else?
  • How can I keep track of everything without burning out?
  • How can I improve my profits, my lifestyle and realise the value of my business as an asset?

We will set you on the path to success with this proven program.   Hosted by John Tsoulos, a successful business owner and key note speaker, you will walk away with a plan for implementing the business strategies you need to take your business to the next level, along with receiving invaluable insight into other business success stories and the step by step process of achieving your goals.


So confident are we in this program, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!



Why Should You Attend?

We are all working harder than ever.  There is more competition than ever.  Do you ever feel like you can’t work much harder, but you’re not gaining ground on your competitors and not seeing the impact on your bottom line?

Our leading edge Business Development Camps are interactive, high impact, and destined to bring immediate results to your business, regardless of the industry. Our three day programs have been specifically designed for business owners and their teams, to assist them with the day to day, and longer term, challenges of running and growing a business.

Global Business Camps have been running these camps for 16 years and have worked with 1000’s of businesses to help them achieve business success.

Investing in this inspiring three-day program is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. Attend, and you’ll never look at your business the same way again!

There are 6 secrets™ to success in any business.  John Tsoulos takes you on a journey through the 6 Secrets™ which gets you thinking in a different light.

Not only will you get to work ON your business you also:

  • Get to network with other like-minded business people
  • Learn how to plan the future of your business in a structured way and begin the process whilst at camp
  • Hear from industry experts on what actually works
  • Get key team members involved in the planning
  • Get to hear great ways to market and grow your business

Most people do not like to work ON their business, let alone to invest money and go away to do it. But it is vitally important that you do.


Not quite convinced?

Here are just a few success stories from previous attendees:

  • Hospitality company: increased turnover from $22,000 pw to $45,000 pw over 4 years. Profit has gone from $150,000 pa to $600,000 pa. They have attended 4 events.
  • Electrician: revenue increase from $450,000 pa to $1,100,000 pa within 5 years. Has attended 1 event.
  • Legal firm with 2 partners: increased profits from $150,000 pa each working 80 hours pw to $1M pa and now working 40 hours pw. They now openly say “We have a business and not just a job”. They have attended 2 events.
  • Road rehabilitation group: increased revenue from $40M to $75M over 8 years. They have attended 8 events.
  • Construction company: has increased revenue from $61M to $88M in 5 years. They have attended 4 events.
  • Accommodation business: has increased occupancy rates from 73% to 89% over a 3 year period. They have attended 3 events.
  • Fast food outlet: has increased turnover from $13,000 per wk to $24,000 per week over 6 years. They have attended 4 events.

Secure your place now as seats are limited.

We will show you how to increase your businesses’ profit and value but NOT at the expense of your quality of life.